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Membership Registration - Important Changes

There is a new process to registration as a player, coach, referee or volunteer this season. These changes have been brought in by Basketball England (the national governing body) as a result of GDPR and a wish to improve the process for players, clubs and officials.

As a club member, you may not know that historically the club registers you with Basketball England. However, we are unable to do this anymore and the process is now the responsibility of the individual and not the club.

Without registering you would not be able to participate in any organised / competitive game or tournament.

Registering is a simple process, and offers you a level of insurance whilst playing, coaching or officiating. You will need to pay for this directly with Basketball England via credit or debit card (in the past, the club has passed these costs on directly to players as part of their membership fees).

How do you register?

Please go to and follow the process to create a new account. Here you can enter your details on the webforms and pay the relevant membership fee. Once this had been done, any outstanding tasks for you will be flagged onto the system for you to deal with, such as uploading a photo of yourself.

Affiliating to Melton Kings

It is important that you link your registration to us at Melton Kings. This way we can see your personal details and your next of kin in case of accidents. You can search for Melton Kings via our full name "Melton Mowbray Kings" or using our club number - CA0202

If you are having difficulties in this process, please speak to Phil or Mark, who will help you through the process.

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